You ain't getting any younger

TOPMAN sweater, TOPSHOP skort, ADIDAS shoes

I have an addiction to sweaters, especially those with middle pocket for me to rest my palms and keep my treasures.I always visit men's section for sweaters and it only took me a minute to choose one surprisingly. The weather is always humid here, even at night - sometimes i silently pray for heavy rain just to enjoy my sweater. x


Never have i ever

unbranded top, LOGO boyfriend jeans (sponsored product), ZARA block heels. photo by. Jessica

I'm not really a fan of trousers and jeans since the weather is always hot and humid, but this pair from LOGO seem to be perfect for transitioning into and out of anything. This pair is really comfortable to wear through out the day.If you don't feel like wearing sleeveless top and heels, you can simply wear a white t-shirt and sneakers or running shoes with this pair for a casual look which i'll be sharing in the upcoming blog post ! x



ZARA cropped top, HnM pants, COZY MARKETS parka, ZARA heels
photo by Yudhi. W

My affection for black apparels is unwavering. 3/4 of my entire closet is full of black apparels - from dresses to t-shirts, shorts, skirts, most of them are all black. Black seem to be a perfect colour to match with anything. Notice the army green parka i tied around my waist ? If you have some sort of denim jackets or a parka and you're living in a tropical area like i do where everyday is always hot and sunny while your jacket or parka is sitting there in the corner of your closet, take them out and just simply wrap them around your waist to create a new look for your daily wear.
by the way ! vinnie (my best bud a.k.a the photographer of my first blog post) and i worked on a cool project a couple weeks ago, i'll be posting the previews on my instagram @meganpannata , make sure you follow ! 
bye  !


Dusty dusty pink

top to bottom : mango dress, sacseau bucket bag, nike airmax [photos by Angel]

Meet my new fave bag from SacSeau ! SacSeau is a French word for Bucket Bag, the design itself is very simple. The bag is made of Genuine Leather ( Vegetable Tanned Leather and Nubuck leather) and the bags are totally hand crafted, hand-stitched. Bags also come in various colours to choose from ! 



wearing zara marble top, cotton on leggings, nike airmax 
[ photo by : Jessica ]